Living Fit Now | Pumpkin Yogurt – A Seasonal Favorite
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Laura Mak Pumpkin Yogurt

14 Nov Pumpkin Yogurt – A Seasonal Favorite


This is one of my favorite Fall/Winter seasonal recipes.  It is simple to make a big batch or just a single serving size for on the go. This is easy to eat on the go, so there are no excuses why you can’t start the day out with a healthy breakfast that is stocked full of protein, fiber, and flavor. Here is the short video of how to prepare this tasty treat.



Click here to watch Laura Mak presents Pumpkin Yogurt Delight


I love to use Fage greek yogurt as a base,because this brand has the highest amount of protein and lowest amount of carbohydrates. You will ingest 18 grams of protein in just the 6 oz serving, along with only 100 calories, and just 7g rams of carbohydrates. That is an excellent base for a breakfast.


See how to make the tasty Pumpkin yogurt. (Kids will love this one too!!)

6oz Fage Greek Yogurt, plain

2Tbls Organic Canned Pumpkin Mix

1Tbl wheat germ

1 Tbl Ground Flax Seed

1Dash Cinnamon

1 Dash Nutmeg

1-2 Tbl Agave  (optional)

Blend all ingredients thoroughly by mixing for 2 minutes.


There you have it, a healthy, tasty, and easy to eat on the go breakfast or midday snack that will give you a complete serving of protein, fiber, and a low carbohydrate alternative.


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